About Us

Hebron Limited is a full service training and consulting company based in Lagos, Nigeria. We are experts in the development and implementation of retail banking strategy with a focus on retail banking sales, performance management, retail credit and infrastructure. The other key area of focus is management soft skills training and strategy consulting with public and private sector organisations. The Retail Banking space is an area in which we have observed considerable gaps in the skill profile and experience of many banking officers in Nigerian banks. We have observed a situation in which the approaches used in managing corporate relationships are being applied to retail banking situations, often with suboptimal results. We therefore offer a number of solutions, targeted at various roles in the retail banking space to ensure we fill the gap in a manner that results in significant contribution to the bottom line.

As trainers we build capacity within organisations by imparting the skills, specialisations, structures and processes required by the staff of companies in the private and public sectors that would serve to make each employee we train more effective in the work place,   improve the chances of their actualizing their potential and finding fulfillment in the work.

In working with our private and public sector clientele we try to ensure that whatever support we provide fits into the overall business strategy of the organisation.

The partners that make up Hebron Limited have over half a century of combined experience in a number of rather diverse yet very relevant disciplines such as; strategic planning, retail banking strategy, credit risk management, marketing and sales of fast moving consumer goods, brand management, mortgage banking, real estate investment trust, organisational integration and credit systems implementation among others in Nigeria and abroad. All the partners have held board and or executive level appointments in fairly large organisations.

Our Clients