As trainers we build capacity within organisations by imparting the skills, specialisations, structures and processes required by the staff of companies in the private and public sectors that would serve to make each employee we train more effective in the work place, improve the chances of their actualizing their potential and finding fulfilment in the work.

Sales Coaching and Management

We help develop your sales team and their manager’s skills set and provide them with the tools required to be productive. The training helps to get employees to gain practical skills that can be put to work right away and achieve significant results particularly in key areas such as onboarding profitable new customers, increasing product per customer (PPC) through improved customer engagement and improving overall productivity across all product lines.

Leading for Performance

We offer a broad range of programs in strategic leadership and change management, designed to enhance the capacity of team leaders and managers make the transition from being individual contributors to people managers with solid leadership capabilities. We assist in developing and sharpening the mind sets of business managers for the purpose of achieving laudable results through their team members.

Communication Skills

We cover comprehensively, verbal and non-verbal communication skills development. This is built to enable workers interact professionally and successfully in both work and community environment, which may include diverse cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds. We also cover some principles of Etiquette that is required in the workplace. This is imperative as they must demonstrate a level of decorum that is consistent with the company’s vision and brand